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Create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully

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First, here is the best online business system I know

You might have or you might have never thought of an online business as an option for personal and financial growth.

This system is definetely worth your time to investigate the possibilities.

This system is good for you if you have a driven mindset and want to get it straight on how to start an online business and thrive. 

With this system, we can create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully as we build a conscious freedom lifestyle in service to others and ourselves.

Link up to one of my favorite best!

Now, there are 5 bummers in the way...

Ultimately, profitable passion mindfully in service to others and ourselves always match well, however you may define profitable. 

When we create an online business wisely, we use our talent, pastime, passion, experiences, what drives us, to level up effectively and efficiently.

Personally, I am deep into an outstanding business education while effectively doing business.

This danse niche theme is a vital key to mindful presence and a conscious freedom lifestyle. I am passionately dedicated to share widely and enrich each others lives as I am earning along more than a living.

I have learned to avoid the following 5 bummers:

  1.   be too much in a hurry

  2.   spread time thin

  3.   let emotions rule decisions

  4.   stitch randomly bits of information gathered here and there 

  5.   trust urban myths

Here is my story as I am realigning mindfully from these 5 bummers

1. Not so fast...

It all began with a pretty cool start.

I started a blog with, as an ever bright candle in all circumstances, my passion for humanities, dances and mindful presence

I was led to start an online business from many directions.

I  particularly got a strong recommendation from the seminar Millionaire Mind Intensive. That seminar had on me the impact of a game changer switch. It made me aware of the sticking influences of past imprints, making us merry-go-rounders even when we know better. 

I thus started to get rid of dissonances in order to harness my way on my own terms with the means to live mindfully on my own terms.

Starting a small business online came to me as a bright light. I also knew I could not do it all by myself.

Since I was counting pennies in that period, to live by, I tried a few Get Rich Quickies on how to create an online business.

I got inspired by Jennifer Laycock's ebook Zero Dollars, a Little Talent and Thirty Days. The ebook is a concise version of a 30 days blogging experiment part-time with Blogger Blogspot, to successfully raise funds  without spending a dime, for the Lactivist Project, a Mother's Milk Bank.

Ultimately, after thoroughly analyzing SiteSell's Solo Built It! (SBI!), I was set.

 I checked:

   √   genuine

   √   reliable

   √   relevant proofs of successful results

   √   all-in-one with everything required

   √   affordable to all budgets

I was confident about sustained income outcome for a newbie like me in the world of website business and internet marketing for solopreneurs.

I also thought I could generate some incoming money real fast on the side. 

Following Jennifer Laycock's steps, I started a blog, artpreneure.blogspot.com then, a little prior to discovering SBI!.

I thought I would earn money faster by also using SBI!'s teaching to keep up the blog in parrallell to building this website with SBI!.

The first six months were exciting for the blog with promising results from site inbound links to social media engagements.

And then, the red carpet was suddenly pulled under me.

I tried to bypass SBI's tortoise pace. Things went wrong...

2. Time spread thin... 

I have a vision, plenty of creativity and motivation to do wonders. No matter what the obstacles are, there is no stopping me.

I know first hand about the hard knocks of obstacles and I am not afraid to dive in without ever looking back.

I raised alone two boys, now 23 and 29 years old.

I spent a lifetime struggling even though decently employed in administration and accounting.

At some point, I switched gear and spent a chaotic 4 years as an independent worker in financial planning.

Through it all, I was fed up and still very much hungry. My ultimate life quest was waiting on the sideline to be pursue.

Starting a small business online became the solution to level up my game to my dreams and passions level.

SBI! is my absolute first choice of mentorship and instrumental in my confidence to win this dance. It provides me sound advices within a comprehensive action guide to create an online business wisely.

SBI! also reminds me of an alternative education philosophy such as Montessori, Waldorf or COOP programs. They all provide the higher value of learning by doing in quality settings.

I'm confident that SBI! compares favorably to any business education degree.

  • I need to focus on purpose.
  • I need to deliver quality content.
  • I need to ensure that technical background executions the right way are covered.
  • I need to create my online business wisely with steady relevant progress.

Everything is at my fingertips.

I set myself to work patiently on this website, following the Action Guide step by step instructions.

SBI! requires to work with consistency. SBI! emphasizes on brain, attitude and motivation at the unwavering pace of the tortoise.

I believe my motivation was higher than 900% and not counting.

However, my brain fizzled from all the buzz I checked on the world wide web. As for my attitude, I was much in a hurry to get results fast; I mean fast like yesterday.

I was inclined towards quick solutions, quick visuals like infographics and short and easy videos. I was following the urban myths...

Willfull and pigheaded, I would not learn to better leverage my time in order to create my online business efficiently and thrive wisely.

I was spreading thin my precious time, an unrenewable energy, as I failed to plan and organize wisely prior to build in function of a website business growth.

I would be adding, to what I was learning from SBI!, the quickies that caught my attention from everywhere else.

I ended up spending way much more time working on artpreneure blogspot.com than on this website business. Time was spent more often than not, going over the same things again and again when better advices and quickies came along and I would find necessary to correct not so well done work.

The most frustrating not so wise decision, with quite a negative impact on the use of my time, was the free web hosting mode settled for. Free web hosting means free space and no claiming rights of that space whatsoever.

Consequently, free web hosting means complete dependence and subject to any change from the host without notice and without any right of regard.

And, that's exactly what happened + I suspect my blog had been copied (Alexa showed an artpreneure blogspot.in that was the exact replicate of mine and some funny things were done by google in my blogspot admin section).

So, without notice and without any right of regard, my host changed .com for .ca. The links I built were also changed. Those changes practically meant, in terms of positioning on the web, a new start from scratch. The blog's ranking with Alexa dropped drastically.

Flushed down went six months of hard steady work, in a heartbeat. I survived, still short of money. Time just kept rolling by. No gain and no solid foundation to soar from.

"Emotions are what make us human, make us real. The word emotion stands for energy in motion. Be truthful about your emotions, and use your mind and emotions in your favour"

~ Robert Kiyosaki

3. Rule by emotions...

I have to admit that my online business presence turned to madness at work! 

Madness: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

I let my emotions got the better of me.

Obsessive people, be aware!

I felt doomed.

I was working on emergency survival autopilot to desperately create an online business.

I kept going wherever on a sense of urgency. Fire was flaming 24/7!

There was no time to patiently go back to the drawing table. There was no time to rethink, plan and organize better. I got into thinking that I could still go on the same path and find a quick way to achieve great results real fast.

I went on spending way more money than I earned. I wished and believed somehow that it will all come back multiply by ten, hundreds or thousands more quickly than I could imagine.

Go figure...! Urban myths?

And to add sizzles to the mix, I also became at the same period of time the solo caregiver to my aging mother.  I set myself to save her from a debilitating health care system caring more about administrative matters than human well-being and quality of life.

I managed to keep adding content consistently to the blog. I bought the name artpreneure, along with two others (artpreneure dance quotes and artpreneure dance gifts)They were keywords and google adsense promising revenus potentials.

Ironically, I got banned shortly after from google adsense over a technical matter. Out went my sole monetization income that brought me 10$ in store over one year.

In came a cause that took my heart by storm.

I could not resist! I dive in passionately, unfettered in regards to my circumstances, full of wishful thinking.

I contributed a whole 3 months of marketing in support of a fundraising to the benefit of the Youth Dance Program Dansepyenu in Haiti.

I set a dance quotes challenge and used tools from the course Lancements orchestrés by Le Marketeur français, inspired by Jeff Walker's very popular Product Launch Formula as a french version.

It was a good learning experience. It got artpreneure off track for months, though.

Meanwhile, working much more slowly with this website, I managed through half of SBI's Action Guide 10 days concept and got to put a home page online.

A LITTLE side tracked, you think?

I took care of my mother for 2 years.

With the help of Usana Health Sciences cellular nutrition, an MLM business I started along the way, we gradually reversed the degenerating side effects of prescription drugs. My mother got to function on her own again.

It took a while, after all that, to get to a more harmonious rhythm of breath and mindset.

4. Why stitch when you can build?

It all feels like a world travel quest back to a treasure I had right inside my pocket all along.

Why stitch bits and bits here and there when we can focus to simply build efficiently, create wisely and  thrive beautifully...

I have to humbly acknowledge that there's no such thing as fast track sustainable results when it comes to create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully.

So far, SBI! is the only all-in-one-step-by-step online business system of process to deliver proofs of thriving online solo entrepreneurial success, I know.

Although I partially used SBI!'s tortoise wisdom, the good results I got were from doing so. It kept me alive and kicking on the blogosphere.

A wise clear cut resolve to intently concentrate and follow SBI! Action Guide entirely focused is a no brainer.

It is fairly discerning to follow the proven process of the best online business system, I know, to truly integrate online business courses into practical planning and relevant organizing to create an online business wisely and successfully build it! Right?

I am practically learning to keep things simple, take one step at a time, step up on progress to score firmly when being as wise as the tortoise, focused and consistent.

I've figured out by now (or remembered) that I'm a slow walker anyway.

I kept aligned all along, because, however lost I may have gotten myself sometimes in the maze of internet marketing experts tools all over on how to create an online business, integrity have always been my #1 priority. SBI! fully supports that integrity!

Along the way I also got to appreciate lately, the unique down to earth approach of Ramit Sethi in, Your Move: The Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business.

Combining SBI! and Ramit's teaching works great for my personal learning process and needs.

5. Bottom line vs urban myths when we create an online business wisely to thrive mindfully

Don't fall for urban myths!

Whatever your background is, you can create an online business wisely with rock solid foundation and provide profitably to a well targeted clientele in a niche of your choice.

Your success requires personal motivation plus internal and external geniune resources to fuel adequately your spin, desires and creativity.

You need to leverage your time and money efficiently with a reliable system.

Thanks to SBI!, my subject, danse, is well researched to build on strongly and to fit in a unique way in its niche.

Objectives, most valuable proposition and benefits to others are crystal clear:

Simply dance to mindful presence

You can create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully, genuinely in service to others and yourself.

Solo Built II! delivers well beyond expectations to newbies as well as experienced webmasters from creative backgrounds and all walks of life, sharp actionnable tools to do just so. Please don't just take my words and check out the possibilities and the results.

You'll avoid all the noises on the web because you'll have everything you need in one place to knowingly, patiently and successfully build your solo website business wisely.

Have fun as you create an online business simply and dance mindfully to profitable results align with being in service to others! 

How I learned what to avoid to wisely create an online business and, successfully solo build on what I am most dedicated to share about widely
How I learned what to avoid to wisely create an online business and, successfully solo build on what I am most dedicated to share about widely

For updates on my progress, you may check our blog section.

You may also sign here (you get a book of magic moments in quotes as a token).

The following link leads you to handy help for answers to your questions about SBI! (Solo Build It!) and SBI! for WP.

You can also access SBI! case studies and success stories available for your convenience.

Please take a moment to tell me about your observations or any particular comment you may have on Create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully.

''I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.''  

~  Abraham Lincoln (Quoted in The Lexington Observer & Reporter)

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SBI!: A means to thrive in mindful presence to self-reliance

Have you ever consider mindful Online Business to dance to? 

Create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully! Watch out Urban Myths!

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pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity | prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini
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We are one dance towards balance and harmony with powerful presence in self care to self-conquest through joyful conscious movement.  
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pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity | prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini
° Danse en soin de soi à la quête de soi, bienvenue | ° Dances of self care to self-conquest, welcome | ° Kadans swen tèt nou pou konkèt tèt nou, onè | (ikadans.com)

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