Influential presence to powerful self care dances to self-conquest through joyful conscious movement
Dance is an ever simple, accessible way to powerful mindfulness within the vitality of movement. What better way than this universal communication means to share as we explore the essence of our being in existence? Our essence is deep within. That's how self care to self-conquest through conscious movement is so powerful. 

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à la quête de soi au bout de nos rêves et danser sa vie pleinement | self care beyond our wildest dreams and fully dance life | pase kontre rèv nou pou nou danse lavi sou kadans konkèt tèt nou

Planet dance directory  

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Planet dances network is birthing a dynamic world travel bliss directory to unfold dance crews' wealth of practices throughout the whole globe.

This is quite a unique place for tradition and modernity to co-exist.

You will enjoy yourself tremendously as a dance practitioner.

If you landed here seeking and searching through, you will find treasures.

The value of tradition in modernity as well as the benefits of tradition to modernity are the preferred angles of approach to topics in pretty unconventional categories.

"It's most important that you know the traditions of your art form.
Then you can go ahead and break it and alter it and do it in retrograde, but it's most important that you have a foundation.
Then you can build all kinds of miraculous temples on it"

~ Garth Fagan

Relate to this unique dance network

  • You have an edge for learning from differences and similarities?

  • You want to observe and explore all there is to?  

  • You are open to elevate your vibration through discoveries and visions of the world cultures from new perspectives?  

You will find here grounds for a true world travel bliss.

What's in it for you concretely?

You will find here information in all categories of activities related to dances, such as music, styles, performers,  videos, studios, jobs, shops and international events.

All this through history of dance, directories, world calendars and interviews from tradition to modernity.

We take great pride in bringing the planet at your fingertips. 

We want you to indulge in observing and feeling the vibrations of all cultures around the globe and see how it resonates positively with the rhythms of your everyday life.

Such a journey will...

  • awaken your imaginary in new dimensions and your body's memory in awesome opening to new horizons.
  • have you find yourself appreciating new depth of vitality and creativity truly timeless

  • reveal that a deeper connexion with your own self is bound to follow.

Tune in your passion.

How about the planet dance scenes?

The dance scenes are everywhere! Really!

We bring awareness about thrilling adventures in your own home to unknown places in kemet and indigenous cultures. You will discover treasures in local dance classes and international workshops or dance retreats.

Dance scenes, are not about set places.

They are wherever you're deeply into the dance and, you rip the benefits of dances in awe consciousness of...

  • Better grounding and timeless anchoring 
  • Relax listening of oneself and one's body released from tensions, stress and blockages
  • Balance and harmony
  • Better flow of energy through the body for increased health capital and internal functions fortification
  • Deep joy

Planet dances directory souls you home worldwide.

We are one dance towards balance and harmony with powerful self care through joyful conscious movement.  
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is powerful self care to ultimate global timeless balance and harmony.

Happy to have you here! I'm Turenne / Tilarenn. Happy to share joyful conscious movement revolution and universal wellness in this powerful self care journey. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate our artivist mindfulness. We fully dance life towards balance and harmony.

In each text, seize the vital and creative energy that best captures your self care mindfulness delight.


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à la quête de soi au bout de nos rêves et danser sa vie pleinement | self care beyond our wildest dreams and fully dance life | pase kontre rèv nou pou nou danse lavi sou kadans konkèt tèt nou

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