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dances and mindful presence in joyful conscious movement: an influential space to share 
Dance is an ever simple, accessible way to powerful mindfulness within the vitality of our movements. Universal and honest communication assured.

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pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity | prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini

My dances in vibrant mindful presence

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I dance life in vibrant mindful presence of self care to self-conquest, total health and fitness, balance and harmony, through dances spirit conscious movement enlightenment.

Conscious movement is our inherent universal and timeless resource.

Wherever we are, whichever walk of life we travel, dance in conscious movement is our natural joyful living foundation to mindful presence, anti-aging health, spiritual healing, emotional and physical wellness, time transcendence, and more.

Dance keeps me genuinely vibrant, consciously grounded and forever youthful.

The power of conscious movement is always accessible to dance life in vibrant self care as we thrive to the rhythms of our profound being and propel ourselves to completely unlock our dances spirit legacy richness!

I am Tilarenn

...I am also known as Turenne Joseph, dance ethnologist apprentice.

My short bio

I am a dance ethnologist apprentice by calling developed through life's imperative statements, practical training and self-directed learning.

I also proclaim to be a single mother by both conscious and unconscious desire. I claimed since my early teens to want children and no husband, all the while desiring a loving companionship.

I constantly develop my talents to better serve us with a strong will to fully dance life as we create sustainable circles of individual and collective wellness in total health and fitness and integral wealth fiercely.

Dancing is my absolute mean of expression, for as far as I can remember, it prompted me to live fully without restraint, despite how irrelevant and unvaluable the man and the woman through whom I swayed to this earthy world imprinted in me over the years.

I would dance and feel and know that I am fully.

As Pearl Primus express it so well...

''Instead of growing twisted like a gnarled tree inside myself, I am able to dance out my anger and my tears.''  

~  Pearl Primus

Hardly walking yet, I would defy whatever standed in my way to get to the dances at my paternal grand parents' house. 
As a teenager, I took Ballet Jazz lessons and dreamed further to dance with icones like Louise Lapierre, Eddy Toussaint, Alvin Ailey...

As a young adult, I danced the rhythms of Vodou philosophy and was in awe to realize that the rhythms of my heart and the rhythms of the drum were one, that the vibrations of the rites of my origins were the reflections of my soul. The gestures and their meanings reveal the essence of my being deep in my womb.

I then forged, with my girlfriends, the dance troupe Gwoup Kiskeya. By deepening the knowledge of the dances of our origins, we revealed ourselves to ourselves, realizing a synergy of empowerment, solidarity and cohesion. We immersed in the dances in unisson, mind, body and soul, for ten years.

Three heavy episodes breached through this passionate source of joy and self-realization means for a while...

At the birth of my second son, the most wonderful gift of life, I experienced a deep shock of betrayal and astounding loneliness. Biological fatherhood was denied and non-supportive circle of friends scattered through indifference.

In my first son's teenage period, I dealt with the hardest road to rock it seemed then, within society’s ambushes from family, social, economic, weed smoking to racial issues.

In my professional journey as a financial planning agent with Investors Group, I got caught up in the maze of corporate world without a face.

Beyond all, to dance life is anchored to the call of my soul to which I begin to respond with Gwoup Kiskeya. Gwoup Kiskeya is the source of my vision, with Dances of Sacred Circles Of Our Civilisations, of an expanded international radiance of traditional dances.

At 50 years of age, I still thrive through dance vital energy just like when I was 5 years old. 

I share my dances with open heart enlightened infinite conscious love.

I've been learning my trade for now 25 years, mostly as self-taught along with a formal training in ethnology and ethnographic films.

I impress myself and deeply admire my own courage, energy to act, learn and produce quality, always.

My vision has always been clear of my dances in integral wellness. I follow through against all odds.

My vitality is a gathering strength.

My commitment to create an environment of harmony, beauty, and intense joy is a source of motivation. 

Serenity is my aura, respect and joy are my mottoes.

In the spirit of powerful profound joy, I aspire to bring light rays and beams, for everyone to dance its full potential of consciousness, always.

Tilarenn is the kreyòl Crone Goddess name I receive in ever present daydreaming state.

So be it. Call me Tilarenn.

"Through dance, we can better understand our common humanity"

~ Arts Alive (Centre National des Arts) 

Everything begins with an intention

It is in my gut, I'm engaged to follow the truth we all have within.  

I let the stream of my dances run freely. 

I open my soul and let go. 

I release my soul's vibrations and strengthen the bonds with the ancestors. 

Every word, every gesture is sent in the universe and dances with the stars. 

I understand that we must be our own selves to dance life in balance and harmony in all.

My energy is set on my words to be always impeccable as I express that I am what I came to share.

Sharing my dances power

I am sharing on everything I know, everything I am learning about our vital energy in conscious movement through my dances and their connection to our roots, our ancestral legacies.

We shall elevate our consciousness through dances spirit integrity. 

It is all about who we are and who we shall become. 

It is all about growing in strength and wisdom to dance our lives. 

No sorrow, no angriness, no resentment will ever have room to stay in this truly genuine place.

My dances essence

I am devoted to lead by example.

I align my body, heart, and spirit to dare to shine brightly. 

Kadansenou.com is for you to indulge in, appreciate, integrate and also share the power of dances in our lives. It is for me a stepping stone to touch a worldwide audience and lay the foundation of the universal and international solidarity venture, Dances of Sacred Circles Of Our Civilisations.

As We are One, our individual energy positively nurtured is the foundation for individual and collective sustainable growth.

''It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.''  

~  Buddha

My life is made of my dances

My life is made of my dances!

iheart dance!

I acknowledge that the journey is always worth it as long as we stay genuine in our essence and learn to step up with integrity.

iheart dance!

This is a quest where we get barriers down. iheart dance!

This is a journey where we fully endorse every step and every move, feel dances essence, live it and stir our vital energy, consciously present in every curve.

Dance has been and will always be a vital source of inspirations, with integrity, balance and harmony through it all, to sustain total health and fitness and integral wealth.

To dance life is to feel our profound being in harmony with the rhythms of every moment.  

I choose to live by this aspiration and better integrate conscious movement creative power of spiritual, cultural, social, political and economic revolution into my daily life.

What about you?

What do you take in from dances?

Share your experiences, feelings, love, deep joy of dancing, a particular moment, how you dance life and your self care challenges!

The dance floor is yours...

Following is an inspiring example of how Alison Désir dances life unlike any. Unlike any simply means as a unique person. We will love you to share your unique stories too, Unlike Any.

My dances landmarks

My dances landmarks in this life journey are:

  • Continuous training and development in traditional Haitian dances 
  • Creation and development of Gwoup Kiskeya dance troupe

  • Intensive Summer Program in contemporary dance, ballet, songs and percussions at Groupe de la Place Royale

  • Becoming a mother twice

  • Teaching traditional Haitian dances and initiating to African and Caribbean rhythms.
  • Professional and Artistic Training Program in Dance at Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

  • Intensive Summer Workshops, Drum and Dance, at Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

  • Switching from salaried employee in administration and accounting to an independent worker lifestyle in financial planning.

  • Initiation to Salsa and Capoeira at Studio Danse Montréal

  • The evolution of this website as we share about dances and mindful presence to create an online business wisely geniune.

  • Contributions through dance, upon request, to activism initiatives.

At 50 years of age, I still thrive through dance vital energy just like when I was 5 years old. 

I share my dances with open heart enlightened infinite conscious love.

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SBI!: A means to thrive in mindful presence to self-reliance

Have you ever consider mindful Online Business to dance to? 

Create an online business wisely and thrive mindfully! Watch out Urban Myths!

My favorite simple resources...

I work on and refer simple and accessible reminders and new discoveries of ways we ground and empower ourselves, mindfully present.

pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity | prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini
We are One to uplift each other! Namaste!

Happy to have you here! I'm Turenne / Tilarenn. Happy to share joyful conscious movement revolution and universal wellness in this powerful self care to self-conquest journey. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate our mindful presence. We fully dance life towards balance and harmony.

We are one dance towards balance and harmony with powerful presence in self care to self-conquest through joyful conscious movement.  
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is powerful self care to self-conquest and ultimate global timeless balance and harmony.

pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity | prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini
° Danse en soin de soi à la quête de soi, bienvenue | ° Dances of self care to self-conquest, welcome | ° Kadans swen tèt nou pou konkèt tèt nou, onè | (ikadans.com)

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