Balance and harmony through conscious movement  

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A l'infini, au bout de nos rêves et au-delà pour toujours danser sa vie…| beyond our top potential wildest dreams to fully dance life…| pase rive jwenn tete foumi rèv nou pou nou toujou danse lavi...

Your dances spirit rhythm house welcomes you

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Welcome to our dances spirit rhythm house, a soul rhythms well to conscious movement creative revolution journey.

What a powerful adventure it is to share in several languages the energy of this conscious movement realm, full of dare, joy, passion, total health and fitness and, the root, the essence of life's vitality! We are One!

Dances spirit, in conscious movement's vitality to strengthen our inner power to live in timeless balance and harmony in all, we honor and share together, widely and abundantly without restraint.

Dance has existed from time immemorial.
It has been an integral part of celebrations and rituals, a means of communication with gods and among humans, and a basic source of enjoyment and beauty. 

     ~  Elizabeth A. Hanley 
(introduction  from the books serie WORLD OF DANCE)

iheart dance

iheart Dance opens the space to share our love of dances in conscious movements .  

You can express your experiences, share your words, heart to soul, as you wish. You may inspire me and others over and above our imagination.

The Dance Floor Is Yours as You Want! 

You dance... don't you?

Share your feelings, experiences, love, deep joy of dancing, a particular moment, how you dance life!

The dance floor is yours...

You can start sharing your love right away or take your time to discover around. Maybe you want for us to get acquainted first in Who Am I.  It's All Your Choice!

I also invite you to Be in the flow, learn, appreciate, and engage in this powerful heart, mind, body and soul rhythms journey...

We must absolutely dance life to radiate in balance and harmony in all! 

Change occurs but the basic element of dance endures.

     ~  Elizabeth A. Hanley 
(introduction  from the books serie WORLD OF DANCE)

This soul rhythm house...

Because conscious movement is the foundation, the fundamental element, the spirit source, the essence of all that lives.

The dances spirit in conscious movement activism art of this well extends to our boutique.

The essence of this realm viability goes to fundamental expertise found in the online business system that helps us carry this genuine quest with authenticity, boldness, and integrity. Dance movement being the communication element I am most at ease with, it's been an enormous challenge to express conscious movement's quintessential spirit through words mostly.

Engage in the Journey 

We are One! 
Engage in the journey Here!

Love, joy, passion, balance and harmony are all here, in every word within this worldwide travel well worth the engagement to dance lif

Dance is a safe kind of high! 
Let Your Dances Spirit Flow!

...Flow, the medium of dance / movement, can connect community, just as water connects people

~  Marylee hardenbergh (Global Water Dances)

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