in balance and harmony through conscious movement revolution 
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is ultimate global timeless balance and harmony and, self-conquest. 

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Infinité au bout de nos rêves et au-delà pour mieux danser sa vie | Infinity beyond our top potential wildest dreams to fully dance life | pase rive jwenn tete foumi rèv nou pou nou toujou danse lavi

Learn dance simply

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We learn dance  through our inner dances spirit, quite simply, just like in our early childhood natural progresses...

  • in sheer enjoyment by effortlessly indulge in observations

  • with full appreciation of what we feel positively about 

  • through total immersion in the learning

  • as whole integration as we enhance our consciousness

  • in a joyful state of Being embodied

These hold true as long as our sheer curiosity and creativity are nurtured, and even then...

                  "I believe dance is a manifestation and celebration of the tenacity of the human spirit."  

~  Robert Battle

Can you dance?  Can you learn dances?

It's natural! Right?

Conscious of the vital impact of simple rhythm energy flow, we learn something new every day with pride, excitement and pure joy.

On the other hand, we've all heard someone or maybe you are that person who says: "I can't dance".  

I'm not the only one who says:  
"You can walk! You can dance!"

Some people can't walk and they dance.
They dance with their arms.
They dance with their head.
They dance in their head.
They dance in silence, ripples of movements inside.
And it works!
The energy, the joy, the connection, it's all there!

Dances are simply rhythm in movement.

Learning and teaching dance

In teaching and learning dance,  we are companions in a journey with... 

        inner voice,
        inner movements,  

        inner creativity, 

        inner truth.

The teaching and learning environments impact the dance, be it, folk, traditional, modern, contemporary or pop culture.  

As a living art and as with all living things, symbiosis with the environment is inevitable.

Also, learning dance in a class, online, as a kid, a teen or an adult or, in a specific setting for fitness, as rituals in movements, alone, in communities or in healing retreats, bear multiple experiences to reach new level of consciousness, abilities, heights and dimensions.  

Each specific setting to learn invites to powerful mindfulness in variations of interactions, expressions, and our bodies questions and answers. This aspect of dancing is particularly recognized in dance therapies for various conditions, including dance therapy to help cerebral palsy patient.

And through our inner dance spirit, learning dance is always a simple and natural energy flow. 

Dances, rhythms and culture

It takes rhythms for dances to manifest.  

Within every single culture, rhythm is to the quality of our lives what heartbeat is to our bodies.

Thus, believe it or not, dances are a culture's cardiometer, reflecting its pulse.

Cultural anthropology and dance ethnology enhance dance education quality 

Modern cultural anthropology is a social science research field about the customs of a given society.

This social science has its origins in, and was developed in reaction to 19th century ethnology.

Ethnology involves the organized comparison of human societies.  

In dance ethnology, as a branch of cultural anthropology, we study the similarities and differences in different communities from their cultural context in dance traditions.

This knowledge brings sharp perspectives in dance education. As a dance instructor as well as a student, we gain a luggage full of new awareness and awesome tools for the body's memories and deep progress as we teach and learn dance whether in dance academies or any other venue.

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