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Ethnic dances in world traditional music and dances are very rich and diverse with distinctive characteristic in every single part of the world from folk dance to performing arts dances...  

It is a magnificent way to travel the world, discover the gems of every culture's rhythms, and blossom in deep and timeless joy!

Traditional music and dances celebration of the Guelaguetza Native Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico with women from different ethnic groups

Taiko drums, Japan | |

Aboriginal, Caribbean,
South America,
through African, Asian,
India to European, Mediterranean,
Middle East rhythms...

Kathak Dancer, India |

Wherever you are compelled to travel, bring along all of your 7 senses, ready to immerse into soul rhythms and dances, the language of God manifesting its essence simply naturally.

This is the truth and only the truth...  You will be in awe with amazing joy!

Have you noticed the simple universality and musicality of the word dance?

Dances naturally express dynamic conscious movements and bring smart and lively perspectives to view complexities of situations or contexts from banal, entertaining to seriously important matters...

...such as cooking dance, love dance, the dance of business... 

From East to West, South, and North of the globe, dance unfolds here for our delightful enjoyment of world traditional music and dances along with their past and present values as well as their challenges in regards to modernity, funneled through ancestral dance history.

Following are a few examples of specific parts of the world we will be traveling to with a summary of some distinctive dances spirit characteristics.

Haiti rhythms in Caribbean dances

Rara, zév bosmetal, Haiti culture | |

Haiti culture and traditions in music and dances are mosaic of rhythm revelations from Vodou roots to Aboriginal sources which spiritual essence have been safeguarded.

Modern influences are revealed in folklore dances inspired by traditional dance movements. The essence of rhythm is everywhere, in the way people simply walk and how they bring colors to all in everyday life.

Folkloric dance in Tenochtitlán |

Mexico rhythms in turtle island American dance

Cumbia Dancers at Barranquilla Carnaval, Colombia |

Aztec indigenous dance religious practices were common people level dances related to life elements cycles and elite dances.

The second associated with the priest and ruling classes had been eradicated.

The first still flourishes beyond life cycles to social matters in all region of Mexico with influences from European and African heritage to some extent.

These folk dances are expressed to the world cultures as Performing arts dances through such emblematic and unique dance troupe as the Ballet Folklórico de México.

Ballerina / Bailarina / Балерина / Dancer / Dance / Ballet |

Russia rhythms in Slavic dance

Kalmyk Folk Costume and Dance | |

Ballet is a quintessential element in Russian culture performing arts dances.

Performing arts dances are part of Russian people's customs from early age schooling.

In fact, folk music and dances are very distinctive traditions of great influences from which emerged centuries of excellence in classical music, opera, theatre, and Ballet.

Germany rhythms in European dances

The boys featured perform in a Bavarian folk festival held annually in Milwaukee from 1935  | |

Dance traditions in Germany culture are ever present in festivals and life customs. Folk Dances of German rhythms flourish in related countries such as Austria, Hungary, and The Danube.

German folk dances are also the spirit source of performing arts dances such as Viennese Waltz, creative dance theatre, and modern dance.

Many pioneers in world performing arts dances cultural changes are recognized to be from German culture.

Ethnic dance practices through time

Ethnic dance in traditional music and dances practices go back to the beginning of times. 

Whatever belief there is as to the origin of dance, we face its elemental nature, the dances spirit, through cultural similarities and differences.

Dances spirit with its ever actual symbiosis with its environment stops time, and beyond, we indulge in wonderfully amazing and joyful wellbeing.

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