Dances spirit roots us to whole heart, mind, body and soul

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This space is a crossroad to share, better grasp, claim, embrace and spread our ultimate legacy. H
eart to body in unity, truly whole in our profound joy of being, we carry on in total health and fitness by discerning rhythms conscious movement creative revolution heritage, heart, mind, body and soul.

Conscious movement, dances ultimately, strengthens our inner power to better appreciate ourselves, our presence within the worlds and, propel us to live in timeless balance and harmony in all.

Conscious movement is purely activism art action movement. We are One!


I invite you to engage in this powerful journey.
Draw yourself in the moment. 
Let the soul rhythms of the words sinks in.

Do interact! Share freely!
Ask questions/propose answers 
from heart, mind, body and soul.
Let your conscious movements magic spirit flow!

As we deepen our knowledge and understanding, the art of movement transcends to power of social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual creative revolution. The art of movement expresses and defines conscious activism art.

Why dances spirit?

World rhythms and dances evolve throughout the planet as we need to express ourselves and share our beliefs, concerns, and values. 

They are means of expression acknowledge as 
great entertainments, total health and fitness and leisure activities as well as dynamic human channels.  

They convey much more than what meet the eyes. Would you agree?

Beyond body and time, they fuel our spirits. We are One!

Pearl Primus reflects keenly how this art of movement teaches us to transcend time and cultural barriers:

''Dance has been my teacher, ever so patiently revealing to me,
the dignity, beauty and strength in the cultural heritage of my people, as a vital part of the great heritage of all mankind''.           

My Statement in Accelerated Motion Dance History

What is our ultimate design?

We connect with people from everywhere on the planet and indulge in the learning experience.

We share the wealth and, build together a crescendo of ever-growing consciousness, and appreciation of each other & our presence within the world cultures and the universe. 

Beyond our similarities and differences, we are all link to water, earth, fire, air and divinity.

We connect to better integrate life elements in total health and fitness and reach deep to our essence, our soul rhythms.

We explore world ancestral traditions as activism art and their emergence nowadays in all cultures, performing arts and entertainments. We explore world communities' faith and mysteries with open heart, mind, body and soul while staying true to, or unravel, our own essence.

We all came into this realm, a marvel and unique miracle. We still are.

Our soul rhythms are our timeless vital energy. Once we tap into it, we board the journey in our perfect spaceship, in our light.

How do we access this ultimate legacy?

Regardless of your age, ability, health and fitness level, you can viscerally access this ultimate legacy and naturally integrate its benefits through rhythm.

Rhythm is everywhere in our daily lives. When we acknowledge its vital nature inside, we embrace every moment in harmony with the vibrations of our breath.

We develop our full potential of inherent vitality through rhythms, as we Indulge in, Appreciate & Integrate them better:

We Indulge in feeling and observing without prejudice or censorship, simply taking in all there is through all of our senses.

We Appreciate what our beings, our soul, positively respond to.

We stir this vital energy we tapped into through action or meditation, to experience it further, refine our consciousness and better Integrate it.

Welcome aboard...

It is our privilege to feel empowered in this quest. 
I am heartfully obliged and pleased to have you here, sharing this awesomely magnificent world class journey.

As we slip in the world communities, we receive and sprinkle quotes in tune with spiritual healing and our explorations of the planet sacred circlesmovement academies, ethnic traditions, and artistic entertainments

We learn simply & workout within our internal energy.

We are One! We become iworld on the planet rhythms and through it all, through activism art of conscious movement creative revolution, we indulge in self-discoveries to blossom in total health and fitness, deep and timeless joy, in the light that we are.

 ''To understand the culture, study the dance. 
To understand the dance, study the people.'' 

~ Chuck Davis

You dance... don't you?

Share your feelings, experiences, love, deep joy of dancing, a particular moment, how you dance life!

The dance floor is yours...

What other visitors are sharing also?

Follow this love tread...

When all else fails... says it all... it speaks words that cannot be spoken, emotions that cannot be understood, and spiritual connections and understanding …

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This space content summary

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

 ~   Martha Graham


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