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We heart dance workouts to sweat off extras and tone up our body with world rhythm energy power.

Dance is in itself a complete global health activity, energizing inside out, from head, fingers to toes and heart to soul emotions.

Since the beginning of times, movements keep mind and body vibrant
with positive energy and raw fitness from infancy to old age, whatever old age may be.

When we open up to receive, dance health benefits go beyond physical to deep spiritual experiences.

We may decide to emphasize on physical exercises to selectively shape specific part of our body.

There is a wide range of trends for shaping up while cruising on a world travel bliss:

  • Zumba dance

  • Tai chi dance

  • Aeorobic dance

  • Core rhythm

  • 5 rhythms

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Martial Arts

Dance masters and lovers developped those programs over the course of their learning experiences. Some from years of apprenticeship and discoveries, others as a sudden bright idea due to unusual circumstance.

Their stories are summarized in each detailed program.

Their influences are from Latin American, Asian, European, Indian, African and Shaman dance traditions.

Dance warm ups for proper preparation

As in all physical activities, proper preparation and moderation at the beginning are essentials to avoid unnecessary injuries.

We must warm up every single part of our body.

We are conscious of how we breath.  

Our breath is our barometer.  

We go slow with ease and calm. 

We listen to our body, feel our skin, muscles and ligaments.

We appreciate our internal response and emotions.

We are setting the ground for a relax and joyful session.

We release internal energy
with intensity in dance workouts

Out is shyness.  We dance for fun only. Routines can be global or spefic such as men workout, women workout or kids activities.

We release internal energy with intensity. 

Intensity is in opposition to tense.
Intensity means to loosen up, to let go and be in the flow.

When we are in the flow, we are completely in the moment.

We don't feel the effort.  We are the movements.  The movements are us.

We bring intensity progressively to release internal energy and also tension, stress, toxins. 

With intensity in dance workouts, we elevate our spirit, tone up our body and set our mind free.

 "Flow is a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly, leaving the person feeling that something special has just occured. Flow lifts experience from the ordinary to the optimal, and it is in those moments that we feel truly alive and in tune with what we are doing"

 ~ Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi  

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