Balance and harmony through conscious movement revolution  

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Infinité au bout de nos rêves et au-delà pour mieux danser sa vie | Infinity beyond our top potential wildest dreams to fully dance life | pase rive jwenn tete foumi rèv nou pou nou toujou danse lavi

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Energy in dances conscious movement is kinetic health, active creative meditation and rhythm divine balance. This Conscious Movement Shop embodies the energies that make the world move. 

The planet dances and celebrations in rhythms and rituals of joy and sorrow are health energy dances. Life's simple health source is noticeably emerging anew and our senses receive it, inspirited. Dance Shop Conscious Movement exist as a resourceful place to choose according to what we feel compel to discover, to energize our spirit, refine and integrate. The entire planet shows up at our fingertips in...

Dance Shop down to basics

Conscious movement energy

Conscious movement embodies the energy that emanates from everything and brings us deep into our sacred circles, divine rhythms, which this Dance Shop help to discover. The resources are carefully choosen to carry on a quest to the heart of our humanity and above and beyond.

The Solstices provide excellent grounds to pick up the meaning of energy as it transpires in dances all through history and worldwide stories of humanity and the infinite. 

On the the 21st or 22nd of June, falls Summer Solstice in the Nortern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. On the 21st or 22nd of December, falls Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the summer days are at their longest, and in the north it is the time of the Midnight Sun, festivals generally celebrate the summer and the fertility of the Earth.

There are many simple ways to aknowledge and celebrate Summer Solstice as well as charming ones to celebrate Winter Solstice.

Africa culture

KATHERINE DUNHAM: Dancing A LIFE by Joyce Aschenbrenner

Afrikan Yoga by Pablo M. Imani

Arab culture

Arab culture to celebrate life...

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Indian culture

The Life And Times of LA MERI by Usha Venkateswaran

THE YONI : Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen

Latin culture

Tango: The Art History Of Love by Robert Farris Thompson

Samba Music

Indigenous culture

Dance: Rituals of Experience by Jamake Highwater

Caribbean culture

Nan Dòmi par/by Mimerose P. Beaubrun

The Dance Claimed Me: A biography of Pearl Primus by Peggy & Murray Schwartz

Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti by Maya Deren

Beyonds Words Beyond Colors by Christian (Kristo) Nicolas

Asian culture

The Art Of Peace by Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

European culture

Productivity For Creative People by Mark McGuinness

Slavic culture

Ballet's Magic Kingdom: Selected Writings on Dance in Russia by Akim Volynsky

America culture

Blood Memory by Martha Graham

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing by Alice Walker

Dancing the Dream: Poems and Reflections by Micheal Jackson

Parents & Professionals Partnering for Children With Disabilities, A Dance That Matters by Janice M. Fialka, Arlene K. Feldman and Karen C. Mikus

World cultures

Dance on Its Own Terms: Theories and Methodologies by Melanie Bales & Karen Eliot

The World of Dance Series by Elizabeth A. Hanley

Dances Spirit Art

Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche

Dance Shop Conscious Movement carries on resources that vibrate from the light of creative active meditation to bath us in dances movement rhythm divine balance and harmony. 

Infinité au bout de nos rêves et au-delà pour mieux danser sa vie | Infinity beyond our top potential wildest dreams to fully dance life | pase rive jwenn tete foumi rèv nou pou nou toujou danse lavi

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