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''The dance is strong magic.
The dance is a spirit.
It turns the body to liquid steel.
It makes it vibrate like a guitar
The body can fly without wings.
It can sing without voice.
The dance is strong magic.
The dance is life.'' 

~ Pearl Primus
(My statement in Accelerated Motion Dance History)

Dance quotes as heart, mind, body and soul muses are reflections of magic quintessential moments, observations and testimonials from people of widely diverse origins, around the globe.

Feel free to give in to spontaneously share and visualize millions of people everywhere receiving these powerful dance quotes with a vibrant heart, mind, body and soul warmth. Imagine…

Those are dance quotes expressing dances spirit vital energy to total health and fitness and, self-esteem, self-realization, taking roots, taking a position in regards to our environment, and self-growth, even to prevent modern pathologies such as stress and moral defeat.

You will enjoy the beauty of these dance quotes melody through the rhythms of the words, in visual harmony with photographs, artworks, and videos.

Indulge yourself in the quintessential flavor of the finest dance quotes. Appreciate how these, both grounding and elevating dance quotes, resonate in inner balance and harmony with your spirit and soul. Integrate the wisdom of every single quintessential magic word in these fundamental dance quotes.

Let yourself be drawn in the fire of these symbolic dance quotes, open and inspire to dance life.

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Basic dance quotes to carry on always...

''Look After the Wellbeing of Mind and Body''

~ Ten Commandments of the Native American Indian

''Connect Your Form to the Distance Between Our Body Parts''

Ohad Naharin

Dance quotes express the elemental nature of dances spirit, as the following in describing the quintessential quality of Capoeira martial art:

"Blend of beauty, mental balance, physical power, music, and an overwhelming sense of art and finesse."

~ Ron (US Slaves)

Dance quotes reflection of dances spirit quintessential magic help intuitively in balancing our chakras.

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