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Dance life! Dance your soul! | Zèv atis Reginald Nazaire / NAZAREGI

In this journey to dance our soul, I take you up to dance life in self conquest for total health, fitness, wealth, balance and harmony in all, with dance spirit enlightenment in conscious movement as a universal timeless resource I know and understand well.

Dance keeps me naturally vibrant, full of life and forever young.

Wherever you are, whichever walk of life you travel, 
dance is a natural foundation of joyful living for self-realization, anti-aging health, spiritual healing, emotional and physical well being, time transcendence, and more...

We shall thrive to dance life in self conquest and completely unlock our dance spirit legacy!

I am your companion, Tilarenn

dance life in self conquest and completely unlock your dance spirit legacy | Turenne / Tilarenn

...I am also known as Turenne Joseph, dance ethnologist.

I've been learning my trade on this quest for now 25 years, mostly as self-taught along with a formal training in ethnology and ethnographic films at Laval University.

The milestones of my journey are :

  • Continuous training and development in traditional Haitian dances 
  • Creation and development of la Troupe de danse Gwoup Kiskeya 

  • Teaching traditional Haitian dances and initiating to African and Caribbean rhythms.

  • Intensive Summer Program in contemporary dance, ballet, songs and percussions at Groupe de la Place Royale
  • Professional and Artistic Training Program in Dance at Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

  • Intensive Summer Workshops, Drum and Dance, at Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

  • Initiation to Salsa and Capoeira at Studio Danse Montréal

  • Contributions through dance, upon request, to activism initiatives.

I impress myself now and then and, deeply admire my own courage, energy to act, learn and produce quality, always.

My vision has always been clear about integral well being.
I follow through against all odds.

My vitality is a gathering strength.

My commitment to create an environment of harmony, beauty and intense joy is source of motivation. 

Serenity is my aura, respect and joy is my motto.

In the spirit of profound joy, I bring light rays and beams, for everyone to dance its full potential of consciousness, always.

Tilarenn is the kreyòl Crone Goddess name I receive in ever present daydreaming state.

So be it. Call me Tilarenn.

Everything begins with an intention

Everything begins with an intention | Turenne / Tilarenn

It is in my gut, I'm engaged to follow the truth we all have within.  

I let the stream of life's dance run freely. 

I open my soul and let go. 

I release my soul's vibrations and strengthen the bonds with the ancestors. 

Every word, every gesture is sent in the universe and dances with the stars. 

I understand that we must be our own selves to live in balance and harmony in all. 

Sharing the power of our dance spirit...

I am passing on to you everything I know, everything I am learning about our vital energy in conscious movement through dances and their connection to our roots, our ancestral legacies.

We shall elevate our consciousness through our dance spirit. 

It is all about who we are and who we shall become. 

It is all about growing in strength and wisdom to dance our lives. 

No sorrow, no angriness, no resentment will ever have room to stay in this truly genuine world travel bliss.

We ought to dance our soul!

I am devoted to lead by example...

I align my body, heart and spirit to dare to shine brightly. 

Kadans World Dance Spirit Danses is for you to indulge in, appreciate and integrate the power of dance in your life. It is for me a stepping stone to share worldwide and lay the foundation of the universal and international solidarity venture, Sacred Circles Of Our Civilisations Dance Spirit.

As We are One, our individual energy positively nurtured is the foundation for individual and collective sustainable growth.

''It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.
Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you,
not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.­''  

~  Buddha

My dance life's journey

Dance life and let its stream run freely...

My life is a dance!

I acknowledge that the journey is always worth it as long as we stay genuine in our essence and learn to step up with integrity.

This a quest to follow with all barriers down.

This world travel bliss is a journey to dance our soul in every curves of our lives.

Dance has been and will always be a vital source of inspirations to create total health and fitness and wealthwith integrity, balance and harmony through it all.

Here you shall feel dance life's essence, live it and take it home forever.

Do you dance?

Care to share a little...

Share your feelings, experiences, love, deep joy of dancing, a particular moment, how you dance life!

The dance floor is yours...

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