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We are One! Namaste!

We reflect on each other like the Tree of life mirror image does, as above so below. In the Tree of life mirror, I am you and everyone and everything. Through these pages and all related ones, I am you and everyone else with whom we are connecting.

Do you believe in abundance with love and integrity through creativity, balanced and harmonious conscious movement, profound self-awareness, respect in interacting with each other and a culture of mind, body, spirit wellness?

This is how I see you and me, more and more clear and tangible every day. We are, become and remain imprint with what we think. It is an immutable law of nature.

The smallest share is an element of masterpiece to our burgeoning tree of life or an awakening star dust bringing more clarity.

We shall create infinite circles of sustainable total health and fitness and integral wealth in this journey to fully dance life.

"As we deepen our knowledge and understanding, dances are power of social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual revolution"

Dance life

We are One and have all we need within our reach to nurture our childhood's vital energy and create circles of total health and fitness and integral wealth with conscious movement, like dances among others, as the most wonderfully relevant source along with care that nourishes inside out and creativity without restraint.

This is raw simplicity in the authentic vibe that requires attentive ears with the lightness of sincere hearts.

indulge, appreciate, integrate

We are One as we indulge, appreciate, integrate dances inspirations to optimize our vital energies, our physical, social, emotional, spiritual wellness and, sustainable economic values to fully dance life.

We must absolutely dance life to radiate in balance and harmony in all.

We are One to uplift each other 

Aktivis art is the art of being in action in conscious movement with full heart & soul rhythm housed within. The Tree of life, as above so below, represents this quest on taking roots and blooming inside and out.

We claim the power of dances towards actions not necessarily from or in traveled roads.

Workshops on traditional ancestral dances from around the world are actually in preparation. Those workshops hold our engagement to fully dance life and blossom in timeless balance and harmony in all.

We are working on the foundation of, Sacred Circles Of Our Civilisations Dances Spirit, our international solidarity endeavour which paradigms are rooted in respect of all cultures, their fundamental nature, and their environments.

We are in association with Usana Health Sciences to increase knowledge and consciousness of today’s health issues. We are in affiliation with SiteSell for it's unique All-In-One System to ensure online business success. We also propose a prosperity plan with ZRII.

We are One to vibrantly dance life, fully stir our vital energy in all aspects of our lives and, Be creatively in every moment in conscious movement, thrive with passion, balance, and harmony in all.

Let's create circles of total health and fitness and integral wealth, one person at a time towards wholeness... A child game vibrant with love!

How to create circles of total health and fitness and integral wealth?

  1. Use the benefits of conscious movement through dances to establish the base and heart of a solid, timeless body and spirit wellness foundation.

  2. Realize that what we always think about is what we are and what we are becoming.

  3. Have the courage to seize opportunities with integrity and a leadership that is built upon examples.

Turenne Joseph, Montreal 2011 at Majoha   Turenne Joseph, Montreal 2011 at Majoha
Majoha, Benefit evening for children

''Dance has been my teacher, ever so patiently revealing to me the dignity, beauty and strength in the cultural heritage of my people as a vital part of the great heritage of all mankind.''

~ Pearl Primus in MY STATEMENT

''I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.''  

~  Abraham Lincoln (Quoted in The Lexington Observer & Reporter)

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